Hey boys, find a ruler or even a measuring tape and measure the size of your dick (I am right here waiting to find out the results ;) Now you can imagine yourself having a dick size that is 4 - 6 cm longer and a wider girth as well. If you take a glance at your ruler, how big would your dick measure? Any man would obviously be eager to find out how this can be turned into a reality. I also know that a good number of you are a bit skeptical particularly when it comes to penis-lengthening equipment and pills available on the web or the sex shops (I was skeptical too). Most of the pills and equipment cost a tidy sum. Therefore, I am specifically writing this post to share something very cool my boyfriend, Manish found out a couple of months ago. This is something I am certain most men will gain from. Therefore, if you wish to discover how my boyfriend got his dick bigger and maintained its size, continue reading for more juicy details.

My name is Sonal, I'm 26 years old, and I'm a student residing in Mumbai. I am a nutrition major at the University of Mumbai although I have also got a sales assistant job at a popular boutique that I do part-time.

I have dated Manish for a period of 7 months now ever since we met on the web, and I was attracted to him mostly because he was funny and sweet. After sending him messages and skyping for about seven days, we decided to meet. Our first date was a bit awkward for me since I do not meet men from online dating sites. Even so, the date went on quite well. After having several meetings in clubs and bars, we agreed to start dating officially and this got me very excited.

Although all was well initially, I started having my doubts about dating him after we spend a night together. Manish had a small dick. I'd like to admit that my ex-boyfriend had a bigger dick and I was sexually satisfied during all our encounters. Even so, I did not point it out to Manish. This would have dealt a big blow to his confidence. So, I kept on reassuring him and told him he was the man of my dreams and all problems we experienced in bed were all my fault. However, this was not true. To be honest, having sex with Manish was a disaster. I kept on thinking about my ex-boyfriend and the adventures we had in bed since this is what got me horny. Krishna, my ex satisfied me more sexually than Manish. My boyfriend has a problem that affects more than 80% of men. He had a small dick. 

Even though most girls will rarely admit it, we have a problem when it comes to keeping our urges in check. So, whenever I got the opportunity, I would have sex with a man who is better equipped. I just wanted to enjoy sexual satisfaction. The more politically correct women will lay often claim that an ideal penis size tends to differ from one woman to another and not all women fancy big dicks. However, I do not care much about being politically correct. The truth is, all girls have fun with a large dick. If you notice a gorgeous girl dating a guy with average looks, then chances are he has a big and nice dick. Women will always go after guys with bigger dicks and they are more likely to remember the larger guys they ever had sex with.

Written by Sonal on Saturday, February 7, 2015
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This is what 2866 women falling between the ages of 21 - 49 said regarding the ideal size when it comes to penis size.

When all is said and done all that I wanted to do was to make love with as much gusto as I normally could and do so without doing anything that would undermine my relationship with my boyfriend!!!

Much later, when a group of friends and I were enjoying drinks together we started to talk about men. Funnily enough, each one of us had an identical problem. Laura, whom I considered by best buddy, was the sole exception (but, not now, I am sure). According to her, once her boyfriend got started with building up his body and doing muscle training, everything including his penis simply became much larger than before.

However, this extra size was not because of all the training he was doing but because of the nutritional supplements he had begun to consume. Prior to this, Laura was never satisfied when having sex and she even considered ending her relationship with her boyfriend. The minute she told me about this, I simply could not wait to get my hands on the same supplements for my boyfriend Manish. I've been studying nutrition and know a thing or two about supplements, but I never ever imagined that they could make the penis bigger. I desperately wanted to help Manish, because I knew that I would not be able to continue with him without cheating on him, despite not wanting to do that.

The next couple of days were spent looking for the same kind of products, and then I came across a bunch of funny penis growth aids. In reality, the methods described were not the healthiest, some were quite dangerous too. If you search for penis pump injuries on Google you will understand my point. Really, I do not have the slightest idea why these products are so easily available. A big penis is useless if it ruins your health in the process.

Then, I came across something called Degnight-60. It contained the right ingredient combinations and was great for creating better muscle tissues. The penis is just that — a bunch of muscle tissues. This product also increased the supply of blood to the dick. There are plenty of other products but this had the best ingredient combinations by a long way.

Don't waste your money and choose only products that are established and tested...

Step One: Degnight-60

This is the best product. Being natural it helps to increase oxygen in the blood, which makes the penis harder and more erect and it improves stamina and also circulation. It causes the blood vessels in the erect penis to dilate and expand. Actually, Degnight-60 is designed for athletes but has been used by adult porn actors as well. The best time to take it is in the morning.

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Did Manish take offence when I spoke to him about this??

Manish has already realized that his penis does not satisfy me and that a change was needed. Though he did not protest he also wanted to save his honor and ego, but soon he realized that he also did not like his small dick. To him, every penis growth method was useless and so he never tried anything. He was actually glad that I broached the subject and that I had investigated and researched things. The next morning he consumed Degnight-60. Looking back, I am glad that I confronted by boyfriend honestly about his not satisfying me. Every girl should follow her instincts and go for this! Otherwise, I would have had to cheat on my boyfriend. That would have been the worse thing to do and it would have made me feel very guilty.

The outcomes… what did it truly accomplis?

The outcome of using Degnight-60 penis enlargement pill was way beyond our expectations. After two weeks of using the pill, my partner’s manhood enlarged by more than 2cm and after 5 weeks of usage the length had increased with about 5cm. Due to the increased size, our sex life greatly improved. My partner has become very wild and passionate in bed and his appetite for lovemaking is now hard to satisfy. I on the other hand enjoy sex completely and i enjoy newly-found pleasure from the sensations I never experienced before. Just a look at his visible veins and his widened penis makes me go wild with passion. I cannot help but daydream about our lovemaking all the time.

Would you want to increase the size of your dick?

Try it today and use it for two weeks and the results will be wonderful. Please come back after the two weeks and report how longer and wider your penis has grown and how your sex life has improved.


How My Partner got his dick enlarged in 5 weeks

  • He took one supplement only and the purchase has money-back guarantee.
  • Every morning, he swallowed 1Degnight-60..
Tip: Please note that it is recommended you swallow the Degnight-60 pill first thing in the morning when you wake up.

Before & After Pictures

After the results, feel free to send me your before and after photos through email so that I can post them here in the website, if you want!

A man and woman ought to enjoy their sex life to the fullest without having to deal with dick size issues. Most women want to remain faithful to their husbands but continued sex dissatisfaction may lead to unwanted affairs. A man can be able to solve any dissatisfaction problem in a relationship by enlarging his penis. Every couple deserves maximum pleasure from the man she loves. Satisfy your woman today by making the right decision.


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    It's been one week since I started taking Degnight-60 and the changes are becoming apparent now. My penis feels heavier and the veins are really starting to become prominent. It makes me feel much better. I will send pictures as soon as I can.

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